Dutch lightships had crew on board until 1981..
The members of the crew consisted of a captain, first mate, a marine engineer, a ship’s cook, an ordinary seaman and lighthouse keeper and a motorman/lighthouse keeper.

F003Generally, the tasks involved consisted of daily ship maintenance, on deck as well in the machine room. For example, monitoring the lightship’s operations and ensuring the safety of both the crew and the ship with a continuously manned “lookout”. Keeping an eye on ships nearby was essential.

Also the crew’s job was to record observational data for the K.N.M.I
(The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute)
The data was sent by code to the mainland. The mainland received this data daily as weather reports.

At first, the crew was replaced once a month and later on once every two weeks.
A lighthouse tender of the Dienst der Betonning (Buoyage Service) made crew trips in which the crew on board was replaced by a new one.
The ship’s provisions were stocked during what was known as the “replacement”.


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